Bingo Law In Arkansas May Be Changed To Repeal State Tax

Bingo Law In Arkansas May Be Changed To Repeal State Tax

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The game of bingo can be played for charitable events in the state of Arkansas with the understanding that a one percent tax will go to the state for all games. It is that one percent tax that lawmakers are now working to eliminate.

Last week, a Bill was presented that would do away with the state tax that charity bingo organizations pay. The Bill was put on hold after Rep. Kathy Webb made a motion to delay discussions because of the impact it would have on the state budget.

Today, Webb made another motion, this time releasing the Bill and making once again back up for discussion. The state could lose up to $1.1 million if the state tax is repealed.

“We are trying to address those concerns. I think we may see some changes in the Bill,” said Webb. She did not indicate what those changes would be. One of the other aspects of the Bill would be allowing two charitable organizations to hold events at the same location.

The state tax currently is for a division in the Department of Finance and Administration that monitors the bingo activity. It is the contention of the bingo operators that local law enforcement could monitor the events, leaving no reason for the one percent tax.

Charity bingo is used by many organizations throughout the US to raise money. Millions of dollars have been raised through these charities, but there also has been corruption in others.

The Governor of Arkansas is concerned that eliminating the division that overseas charity bingo would lead to more corruption and less regulation.

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