Comal County Wants To Seize Gambling Property For Misdemeanors

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Many of the illegal gambling operations that are taking place in Texas end up in misdemeanor charges. Since the offenses are not serious in nature, they are not considered felony offenses.

Even with that in mind, Comal County, Texas authorities are seeking to make life harder on people who commit these misdemeanor crimes. The county is lobbying the state to allow the seizure of the actual property where the crimes are taking place.

Currently, officers can only seize the items that are used in the gambling operations. They have no jurisdiction to seize the actual location. Authorities have sited the high cost of storage spaces as their reasons for wanting to seize the property.

“It would act as a greater deterrent for criminals, and with the seizure of this property we would get an instant storage spot for the machines themselves,” said Precinct 3 Commissioner Greg Parker.

There has been heavy opposition to this proposed change. Angry citizens have voiced their disgust with the idea. “The police in this county (Comal) should be worried about more important things than gambling. There are people out there selling drugs to our kids and these people are concerned with misdemeanor gambling criminals,” said Fran Triskle, a resident of the county.

Still, despite the opposition, the county commissioners continue to push forward with their efforts. They will be attempting to get the legislature to change this law in the upcoming session.

Problem Gambling Treatment Receiving A Boost From Operators In UK

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The UK is showing the rest of the world how to effectively legalize and regulate both online and land based gambling. They also are letting it be known that if gambling operators do not play by the rules, the laws will become stricter.

The Responsibility in Gambling Trust charity was established for gambling operators to donate money for research and treatment in the area of problem gambling. The charity is falling short of their projected financial goal for the year.

Now that gambling operators have shunned their responsibility to donate adequate amounts to the charity, the government is about to make life a whole lot more difficult for these operators. They are planning on forcing the operators to pay a levy to fund the problem gambling treatment.

Tomorrow proposals of the government are going to be published, and the levy is one of those proposals. Since the operators did not voluntarily take care of their business, they will now be forced to do so.

The government in the UK has already taken a strict stance with gambling issues. They addressed advertising in the middle part of 2008, and now are setting their sites on making sure the proper research can be done to help treat problem gambling.

They do have some of the most liberal gambling laws in the world, but they have been responsible in their efforts. They regulate every aspect of their gambling industry, and, in turn, they receive plenty of revenue money to help deal with financial shortcomings.

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